Where do I enter my Inventory

Click the sale you have chosen to participate in, On the left hand side of the website, you will see a box that is labeled CONSIGNOR TOOLS. This is the section you will go to as a consignor to enter in all your inventory.

IF you look at the CONSIGNOR HOME PAGE this is your COVER sheet if you will, of you and the Sale. Here is where you can see if you are registered, have paid, signed up for a drop off shift, volunteer shifts, and your totals (sold items) that will be posted each night of the sale. UNDERSTAND that the estimated earnings is based at 70% and if you volunteer and get a higher % you will not see that until the sale is COMPLETELY OVER and I have printed the checks. You will see a Seller report again at the END of the sale that shows you items sold and the % you are paid, and a DONATION report that you will be able to print off for taxes.

Print tags and item inventory.. here is where you will enter your items into the database. Choose from the categories, sizes, in the drop down boxes, and then put your price and check the box if you want to DISCOUNT or DONATE the item. You will pick this for each and every item you enter.

Discount means it will your item will go 25% off on Friday and 50% off on Saturday. Don't forget that consignors shop THURSDAY night(25% off) and Friday night(50% off) for just 2 hours, 5-7pm.