Start Here

Register. Pick your sale (TOP OF SCREEN, SALES) & Register. Check Your Sale Dates.  (Remember WESTSIDE, UPSCALE and SALEM are ALL SEPARATE sales!) Under the Consignor Tools section.. (Register NOW) if you are a NEW consignor and have NEVER participated in the sale you are REGISTERING FOR.. (Make sure you select your sale as each sale has it's own registration.) If you are a returning consignor register in the consignor tools section under returning consignor. MOST IMPORTANT, CHECK when INVENTORY CLOSES for each sale before registering. It's in RED under each sale (Dates and Times)!! Make sure the Drop off times and Pick up times work for you BEFORE you REGISTER to CONSIGN! Early DROP OFF TIMES ARE ALL FULL!! Restocker spots are currently still AVAILABLE!! 

PLEASE note that only 1 consignor can participate under that consignor #. No combining friends or family into 1 consignor #.. if this is revealed, ethically you will no longer be able to consign at our sales anymore.

 Remember our sale runs for a WHOLE week after the second round of consignors drop off..

Consignors YOU will do all your work out of the CONSIGNOR Tool BOX.. located under the sale you choose to participate in. CLICK On THAT SALE and that consignor tool box will show up.. It's where you register, pick your drop off and pick up.. scroll DOWN to find the pick up appointments, volunteer to help out at the sale, enter and print your inventory and tags,  view your sales each night of the sale.. etc.. FIND that tool box and work out of it!!


Consignor Fee. 
Pay the $10.00 Non-refundable Fee. After registering for our sale, you will be prompted to pay your consignor fee via paypal. (Click for more Important Information)


Schedule Drop Off & Pick Up Times.
Learn about Dropping Off & Picking Up. Locate your Drop Off  & Pick Up Dates on your  Consignor HOME Page. PLEASE DON'T REGISTER UNTIL YOU CHECK OUT THESE DATES AND TIMES.. and if they are available! As the $10.00 consignor fee is NON-refundable.


Price & Tag / Transfer.
Price and tag your items for the sale. Have you participated in another BBD sale before? If so you never need to retag any of your items! YEAH!! You would just register as a NEW consignor at the new sale you want to participate in. Make sure you have the (same password), and then I will change your consignor number to match your existing one.  

Do you need to transfer your Inventory from a previous sale?

Click on the transfer your inventory blue link above. Fill out our template for all of the above, (consignor number match and transferring inventory). Remember that if you are registering for another sale as a new consignor, you will receive another consignor #, I will change that for you to match your existing one, just make sure your passwords are EXACTLY the same at all sales!! Biggest thing is YOU CANNOT ADD ANY INVENTORY UNTIL I HAVE DONE ALL OF THE CHANGES FOR YOU, CHANGE CONSIGNOR #'S AND TRANSFERRED YOUR INVENTORY OVER..WAIT TIL I SEND YOU AN EMAIL SAYING YOU ARE ALL SET.. AT THAT TIME YOU CAN START ADDING TO YOUR INVENTORY! If you add to your inventory before I do all of this for you, YOU will have to retag your items.. so PLEASE follow the above instructions so you don't have to do more work..this should be easy and fun!! I am always here for you so just email me or call me! 503 849-3308


Any other Questions please refer to the F.A.Q. or Contact us.