I'm volunteering, can my Hubby,Sister or Mom volunteer too? Will it count towards my shifts and an increased percentage on items sold?

YES!!! Seriously anyone can volunteer who is PHYSICALLY able to work. It would be very hard for me to assign a job to a handicapped person, being a nurse, I understand that we all have limitations of some kind, most of the time I can find a position for everyone, but the majority of volunteers are physically fit and can handle a fast pace environment. Not to mention it's a ton of FUN seeing the whole sale unfold!
IF someone else volunteers for you, please email me and let me know as I want to make sure the person would be suited for the day and time you are planning on volunteering. It would count towards your shifts, and an increase in percentage of items sold. IF someone doesn't show for their shift, they are placed on a PROHIBITED list and are unable to volunteer at our sale again.
OUR whole sale is ran totally by VOLUNTEERS ONLY!! No one is paid a wage, just a percent based on the consigned items sold.