I paid my consignor fee, but I have no consignor #. What do I do?

If you do the registration correctly, you will receive a consignor number email immediately, it's automatically sent to you. IF you don't read all the warnings about clicking back to my link www.bbdsale.com after paying through PAYPAL, then your registration will NOT go through. All the info you entered in for your registration is GONE into HYPERSPACE; YOUR PAYMENT will ALWAYS go through as it is completely seperate from the MSM program. If this has happened to you..Please RE-REGISTER pay your fee again, and I will refund you your second payment..YOU need to email me and tell me this has happened so I can go to paypal and refund you. So remember click back on the link, remember this too.. paypal will time out on you so you have about 15 minutes to complete the registration or again all your info will be lost... More Information on paying your consignor Fee.