I have participated in the Westside sale, and I want to participate in one of the other sales, How do I go about that?

Best question! Each sale has it's OWN database, so if you have NEVER participated in the sale you want to register for, you would be seen as a NEW CONSIGNOR! You are only a RETURNING CONSIGNOR if you have participated in the sale at least ONCE!! SO what you would do is REGISTER as a NEW consignor, making sure your passwords are (EXACTLY THE SAME for ALL THE SALES) and then fill out this form. I then will change your # to match your original consignor# and transfer your items for you. REMEMBER this ONE thing.. YOUR INVENTORY FOLLOWS YOU LIKE YOUR SUITCASE on a trip. You CANNOT ENTER ANY ITEMS INTO A NEW SALE UNTIL YOUR INVENTORY IS TRANSFERRED FIRST!! You most likely would not go on a trip without your luggage, so think of yourself standing on the beach without your swimming suit, (your inventory) not on you! :) You will receive an EMAIL from me saying you are all set.. your # has been changed, and your inventory has been transferred. After you receive my email you are ready to add away to your inventory..IF you do this as stated above you will NOT HAVE TO RETAG any items, they will just transfer over to the next sale.. only having to do the work ONCE!!