I am out of town during drop off/ or pick up, Can someone else drop off or pick up for me?

ABSOLUTELY!! There are just a few things you need to know about that. DROP OFF: you will need to email me with the NAME of the person who will be dropping off for you, as they have to sign your contract. Send me an email that says, (name) so and so my AUNT, SISTER, etc.. will be dropping off for me and I allow her to sign my contract for me. I understand the implications of this, and agree that the contract is bound by her signing for me. PICK UP: is the same send me an email telling me that so and so is picking up for you, as I am giving them your check and your items. The only risk you run by having someone else pick up for you is that YOU know your items and THEY most likely DO NOT, yes even DADS:) so our no tag area is scanned by consignors as they pick up their items..basically, if any of your items are in there, they will be donated to our charity.