I am having trouble printing tags, how do I get 10 tags on a sheet?

Your tags should print 10 on one sheet of CARDSTOCK paper, yes it has to be CARDSTOCK, (as regular paper falls off so EASILY) They should be 2 inches (Ht) by 3 1/4 (Lth).. and the barcode should be readable, not smudgy.
You should use INTERNET EXPLORER as the browser of choice. If you have a Mac please see the following notes below on how to print tags from a Mac.. Barcodes on the bottom two tags print on second page

* Don't change the margin settings on the printer in the printer setup dialogs
* Go into print preview (FILE > PRINT PREVIEW in their browser) and make sure they have the tags set to print at 100% size (125% will cause the barcodes of the last two tags to print on the second page)

To the best of my current understanding, this issue is only reported by people who are printing on a Mac and using Safari, but only by a handful, most using a Mac do not have a problem. Switching to IE often helps, but not necessarily in all cases. I have also had one user report this issue with using Google Chrome, and switching to IE to actually print the tags resolved the problem.

** UPDATE ** 9/18/2011
Users on Macs are reporting that printing their tags in Google Chrome rather than Safari or Firefox resolves the issue for them.