Frequently Asked Questions

Please fill out this Transfer Request Form.

You can view the list of items you are able to sell along with the items that are restricted here

If you do the registration correctly, you will receive a consignor number email immediately, it's automatically sent to you. IF you don't read all the warnings about clicking back to my link after paying through PAYPAL, then your registration will NOT go through. All the info you entered in for your registration is GONE into HYPERSPACE; YOUR PAYMENT will ALWAYS go through as it is completely seperate from the MSM program. If this has happened to you..Please RE-REGISTER pay your fee again, and I will refund you your second payment..YOU need to email me and tell me this has happened so I can go to paypal and refund you. So remember click back on the link, remember this too.. paypal will time out on you so you have about 15 minutes to complete the registration or again all your info will be lost... More Information on paying your consignor Fee.

First thing to do is pick the sale you want to participate in. There are 3 Baby's Bottom Dollar sales; Westside (PDX), Upscale, and Salem. Click Sales above and Click on the site you want to participate in. Everything you could ever want to know is here. JUST SCROLL down to see all the details. I even have a video on how to prepare your items for the sale.

Click sales, pick your sale, and it will list the location of the sale.

This information is always under the sale page. Click the appropriate sale in menu above and you will see the paragraph that explains it all.

ABSOLUTELY!! There are just a few things you need to know about that. DROP OFF: you will need to email me with the NAME of the person who will be dropping off for you, as they have to sign your contract. Send me an email that says, (name) so and so my AUNT, SISTER, etc.. will be dropping off for me and I allow her to sign my contract for me. I understand the implications of this, and agree that the contract is bound by her signing for me. PICK UP: is the same send me an email telling me that so and so is picking up for you, as I am giving them your check and your items. The only risk you run by having someone else pick up for you is that YOU know your items and THEY most likely DO NOT, yes even DADS:) so our no tag area is scanned by consignors as they pick up their items..basically, if any of your items are in there, they will be donated to our charity.

They are indicated by going to Sales - Select your sale

The $10.00 FEE is for EVERY SALE. This $10.00 helps pay for the building, and the advertising.

Sadly the answer is NO to BOTH parts of the question. It is a $10.00 fee that I count on for the cost to rent the building. My first sale I had 84 people register, and only 42 showed. So you can now see why I have to charge it up front, as I lost all that money that I was counting on to pay for the building. As we all know LIFE comes up, and sadly it's usually procrastination that gets us, so my suggestion before you register is LOOK at the SALE you want to participate in. Make sure you have all the info to make the decision,that you want to participate. CHECK your calender and make sure you are in TOWN and then go for it, REGISTER with no hesitations..

Best question! Each sale has it's OWN database, so if you have NEVER participated in the sale you want to register for, you would be seen as a NEW CONSIGNOR! You are only a RETURNING CONSIGNOR if you have participated in the sale at least ONCE!! SO what you would do is REGISTER as a NEW consignor, making sure your passwords are (EXACTLY THE SAME for ALL THE SALES) and then fill out this form. I then will change your # to match your original consignor# and transfer your items for you. REMEMBER this ONE thing.. YOUR INVENTORY FOLLOWS YOU LIKE YOUR SUITCASE on a trip. You CANNOT ENTER ANY ITEMS INTO A NEW SALE UNTIL YOUR INVENTORY IS TRANSFERRED FIRST!! You most likely would not go on a trip without your luggage, so think of yourself standing on the beach without your swimming suit, (your inventory) not on you! :) You will receive an EMAIL from me saying you are all set.. your # has been changed, and your inventory has been transferred. After you receive my email you are ready to add away to your inventory..IF you do this as stated above you will NOT HAVE TO RETAG any items, they will just transfer over to the next sale.. only having to do the work ONCE!!

Your tags should print 10 on one sheet of CARDSTOCK paper, yes it has to be CARDSTOCK, (as regular paper falls off so EASILY) They should be 2 inches (Ht) by 3 1/4 (Lth).. and the barcode should be readable, not smudgy.
You should use INTERNET EXPLORER as the browser of choice. If you have a Mac please see the following notes below on how to print tags from a Mac.. Barcodes on the bottom two tags print on second page

* Don't change the margin settings on the printer in the printer setup dialogs
* Go into print preview (FILE > PRINT PREVIEW in their browser) and make sure they have the tags set to print at 100% size (125% will cause the barcodes of the last two tags to print on the second page)

To the best of my current understanding, this issue is only reported by people who are printing on a Mac and using Safari, but only by a handful, most using a Mac do not have a problem. Switching to IE often helps, but not necessarily in all cases. I have also had one user report this issue with using Google Chrome, and switching to IE to actually print the tags resolved the problem.

** UPDATE ** 9/18/2011
Users on Macs are reporting that printing their tags in Google Chrome rather than Safari or Firefox resolves the issue for them.

Sad to say, but DUE TO THEFT.. we have to tighten down with our security. Yes you can bring a stroller into the sale, but with ONLY THE BABY IN IT. Your diaper bag has to be either kept in the car, or CHECKED at our door.. as I actually caught more that 1 person taking items from our moms in their diaper bags. Leave your LARGE purse or BACKPACK at home and just bring your wallet. We do have a check in at the door if you want to leave these items there, but it would be best if you just left them at home. Your children need to be with you at all times due to liability issues, (hanging on racks, running under racks, playing with toys). Thank you for understanding these items at our sale are from families, like yours, just trying to make some money on their gently used items, respect them as if they were your own. THANKS!

YES!!! Seriously anyone can volunteer who is PHYSICALLY able to work. It would be very hard for me to assign a job to a handicapped person, being a nurse, I understand that we all have limitations of some kind, most of the time I can find a position for everyone, but the majority of volunteers are physically fit and can handle a fast pace environment. Not to mention it's a ton of FUN seeing the whole sale unfold!
IF someone else volunteers for you, please email me and let me know as I want to make sure the person would be suited for the day and time you are planning on volunteering. It would count towards your shifts, and an increase in percentage of items sold. IF someone doesn't show for their shift, they are placed on a PROHIBITED list and are unable to volunteer at our sale again.
OUR whole sale is ran totally by VOLUNTEERS ONLY!! No one is paid a wage, just a percent based on the consigned items sold.

Click the sale you have chosen to participate in, On the left hand side of the website, you will see a box that is labeled CONSIGNOR TOOLS. This is the section you will go to as a consignor to enter in all your inventory.

IF you look at the CONSIGNOR HOME PAGE this is your COVER sheet if you will, of you and the Sale. Here is where you can see if you are registered, have paid, signed up for a drop off shift, volunteer shifts, and your totals (sold items) that will be posted each night of the sale. UNDERSTAND that the estimated earnings is based at 70% and if you volunteer and get a higher % you will not see that until the sale is COMPLETELY OVER and I have printed the checks. You will see a Seller report again at the END of the sale that shows you items sold and the % you are paid, and a DONATION report that you will be able to print off for taxes.

Print tags and item inventory.. here is where you will enter your items into the database. Choose from the categories, sizes, in the drop down boxes, and then put your price and check the box if you want to DISCOUNT or DONATE the item. You will pick this for each and every item you enter.

Discount means it will your item will go 25% off on Friday and 50% off on Saturday. Don't forget that consignors shop THURSDAY night(25% off) and Friday night(50% off) for just 2 hours, 5-7pm.