Drop Off & Pick Up

Drop-Off Instructions

  • Arrange clothing according to gender and size (rubber band sizes together) before your drop off. This makes it MUCH easier for us, and speeds up your drop off time! You will need to sort them in sizes and gender at drop off if you did not do so ahead of time! So save yourself some time and us too!! 
  • Bring items already priced & on PLASTIC hangers. Make sure your tags are properly formatted and attached as the instructions show.  You must have everything on its hangers by drop off/check-in.
  • Plan to unload all your bins at drop off, take YOUR bins/boxes home with you, leaving only your items to sell!  Plan to bring your own plastic bins/boxes back at pick-up to collect your unsold items! If you are planning to donate all of your unsold items then disregard this instruction. 
  • In order to keep our sale running smoothly, while keeping it CLEAN and ORGANIZED we now have some guidlines to keep us ALL accountable. If you show up at drop off with more than 10 UNACCEPTABLE items (dirty, stained, broken, recalled, games/puzzles missing pieces, dead or no batteries in toys,etc) you will be placed on a prohibited consignor list and will only be allowed to bring 50 items to the next sale you participte in. Hopefully no one will fall into this category, but we all need to be accountable. Thank you for helping us all out by checking your items carefully. Try different lighting in your home, also sunlight (when we have it) shows stains quite well. Wipe down all toys and books of food, etc. A clean organized sale is really what we all want to shop.


NEW*** in 2016... WE now need to limit infant clothing as our racks are sooooo packed. You can bring 15 pieces in each size of Newborn-24month OR a total of 75 pieces. 15 for girls and 15 for boys (newborn, 3mo, 3-6 mo, etc on up..)  So bring your best, always bring your BEST of EVERYTHING you bring to the sale!


Don't forget you need to SIGN UP for a drop off time.. and the drop off schedule closes when inventory closes! 

 Pick Up Instructions

  •  Please feel free to help sort items if we are not finished when you arrive.  
  • You will be guided by a volunteeer to your consignor number and items. GO THROUGH ALL YOUR ITEMS and make sure they are indeed all yours!  Search through the Items WITHOUT tags section to claim any lost items that are yours, and the stained rack if you are missing items.
  • BEST part.. Final closure, Sign out to get your check!
  • All items that are not picked up, will be donated to LOVE INC and With Love.
  • All checks will be personally handed out at pick up, otherwise mailed within the week after the sale ends.