Can I bring my Stroller/Diaper bag/Large purse to the sale to shop?

Sad to say, but DUE TO THEFT.. we have to tighten down with our security. Yes you can bring a stroller into the sale, but with ONLY THE BABY IN IT. Your diaper bag has to be either kept in the car, or CHECKED at our door.. as I actually caught more that 1 person taking items from our moms in their diaper bags. Leave your LARGE purse or BACKPACK at home and just bring your wallet. We do have a check in at the door if you want to leave these items there, but it would be best if you just left them at home. Your children need to be with you at all times due to liability issues, (hanging on racks, running under racks, playing with toys). Thank you for understanding these items at our sale are from families, like yours, just trying to make some money on their gently used items, respect them as if they were your own. THANKS!